Hear from some of the voices from The Barn village.

“I love bringing my daughter to the place. It’s clean and full of fun things for my daughter to explore. The staff is well trained and so friendly. I highly recommend them.”

- Marchelle L.


So much fun for littles! My 7 month old loved getting to interact with others and play with with new toys!”

- Alexis S.


“This place is really cool. Our little man loved the snack room and music room the best, and our daughter loved painting and making new friends. We’ll definitely be back.”

- Justin K.


“As a working parent without regular childcare, finding a safe and engaging space for my one-year-old has been a constant challenge. The Barn has been nothing short of a lifesaver in this regard. Offering a brilliant concept, they provide a secure and fun-filled environment where my child can play and explore every Monday for three hours.

This innovative approach has not only given my son an enriching experience but has also afforded me invaluable ‘admin time’ for my business. The peace of mind knowing my child is in good hands is immeasurable. The staff’s dedication to creating a nurturing space is evident, and the joy it brings to my son is palpable.

I highly recommend The Barn to any parent in need of a reliable, enriching space for their young children. It’s more than just a childcare solution; it’s a community that understands and supports the unique needs of working parents.

- Belinda R.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Barn and everyone who works there! While I am a very big fan of the classes, the CoPlay offering has been a game changer for us. This unique opportunity to work in one space while my little one gets crucial socialization time is a godsend (added bonus that his vocabulary and animal knowledge is continuously expanding during his time there).”

- Alana W.


“We love the classes and staff! We had the best time and have enjoyed all the open houses. We love the welcoming atmosphere, supportive team, and being able to meet other families who are at the same stages as our family. The Barn goes above and beyond to provide a fun and enriching time for kids and parents.”

- Alicia K.

“Such a cool place for kids and especially wonderful for families like ours with kids who need a little help and encouragement to reach their unlimited potential. We are thankful for the many caring staff members who are truly invested in the happiness and well-being of our son and are always there for us when we have a question or need advice. We can’t wait to come back again and again!”

- John W.


The Barn is our 3 year old’s favorite place! She especially loves the art classes where she can get creative and messy. The staff is truly incredible and the environment is so warm and welcoming. I love that they have started offering family fitness classes workshops for parents. I recently attended their parenting workshop for positive behavior and effective discipline. It was really insightful and completely non-judgmental. I highly recommend The Barn for young kiddos!

- Natalie S.


Love this place. The staff/teachers are hands down the best. Excellent patience with my child. I recommend giving this place a try for your child. Many classes to choose from.

- Max W.


My baby absolutely loves this place. From feeding class, to art, to music, there’s always something for her to do, and she is laughing through it all. I’m so thankful this place exists!!

- María O.


My son loves this place. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. Great activities, beautiful and clean facilities, and so much fun. I like the different types of classes they offer. I highly recommend The Barn for anyone looking for fun activities for their little ones.

- Jacqueline A.

“The teachers at The Barn are incredibly caring and attentive to each child’s needs. They go above and beyond to ensure that each child is engaged in their learning. The facility is also top-notch – completely remodeled with modern, age-appropriate amenities, clean, and plenty of space for kids to play, learn, and explore. Overall, I cannot recommend The Barn enough. If you are looking for a child development center that genuinely cares about your child’s growth and development, this is the place to be!”

- Elisabeth T.


“Me and my toddler love to take classes at the barn! We both learn so much while we are there. My little one can’t stop talking about art class after we’ve left. I love the mommy and me class style because it’s tailored for whole family enjoyment, builds confidence in my little one, and creates memories. I love that they started a lactation support group as well!”

- Brittany S.

This place is amazing! The instructors are so great with the kids and the parents too! The space is cozy for kiddos with sensory needs like my son and myself (I’m an autistic adults and felt super comfy there) highly recommend!

- Lydia R.


“Five stars isn’t enough! The Barn is such an exceptional place and is sure to become a home away from home. We had a blast at the open house, enjoying things like art, snack time, music, and the baby room which was a big hit.”

- Dunja K.


The Barn is an amazing spot for children. There’s a wide variety of classes, and the staff is so attentive. You can tell they really care. I highly recommend this place to anyone with babies and toddlers!

- Eric V.

The Barn is beautiful, homey, welcoming, and has the happiest vibe! However- even with all of that- the best part is the people inside! They make you feel like part of the family, and truly embrace and support and children exactly where they’re at! Highly recommend as a place for you and your infant or toddler to learn, grow, play, and feel supported!

- Bre H.


“The facility is extremely clean and full of bright colors. There’s also a neat little place for moms to hang out, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Prices are reasonable and there are many different package options to choose from. This will be a great place for me to bring my son in the summer when it’s just too darn hot to do anything outside. Great for socialization, learning and just plain fun!”

- Kristin

Toddler and Infant Classes

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