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The Barn by UPT is a community play and education center focused on building connections through socialization of littles while engaging them in quality education programs designed by Unlimited Pediatric Therapists.  The class curriculum was curated to specifically highlight main points of children’s development, adding adaptations for varying abilities, and reminding all that play is our best learning process!

As child development professionals, we know that all children meet milestones on their own path, and while some excel greatly in one area others may need assistance to grow in all areas.  Therefore, classes are designed to meet children where they are, independent of their chronological age.  When choosing classes for your child, take note of the listed prerequisites to help you find the classes best suited for your child.  We are excited to see caregivers connect, peers to socialize, and kiddos’ development to flourish.  Please reach out to our toddler squad if you need assistance in choosing the best class level for your little one!


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Move & Groove
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Caregiver Connections

The Barnyard

At our facility, every room is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of your little one's development. The Barn offers expertly designed mommy and me classes that cater to their creative minds and sense of adventure. Feeding time, playtime activities like music and art, and a special area just for babies. No matter the room, we have something fun and creative to keep them engaged! Our rooms are truly crafted with your little ones in mind, providing the perfect setting for learning and growing in a safe and comfortable environment.

Art Barn

An artist’s dream! A room that fosters creativity and encourages messy crafts, including paint, edible playdough, and many more. If you are searching for fantastic art classes for kids in Tampa, FL, this is it!

Baby Barn

A comfortable and enlightening space for the tiniest of barn goers! The Baby barn is a safe space for all non-mobile babes and new crawlers to move their body, listen to stories, and engage with other tiny humans their size.

Feeding Barn

A space designed for education, exploration, and of course EATING.

Music Barn

A bright and sunshiny barn for everyone to wiggle, giggle, and groove.  This room is open to endless possibilities. Are you looking for music classes for kids? Then look no further! Our versatile space is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and offers endless opportunities for fun and exploration.

Quiet Barn

Do you or your little need a minute to breathe and rest? A comfortable, sensory friendly, quiet room for kiddos to reset their body prior to returning to class.

Coffee Barn

Coffee and connections are good for the soul.  Parents are invited to relax and recharge with friendship and a delicious cup of joe.



At The Barn UPT, we understand that your child’s development is a top priority. We are committed to providing the highest quality classes for parents with their babies and toddlers.

Our expert team is dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where your child can learn, grow, and thrive. Our caregiver and me classes are designed to encourage development across various areas, from language and communication to sensory exploration and food adventures. With a focus on developmentally appropriate activities, we strive to provide an exceptional experience for you and your child. At The Barn UPT, we believe that parenthood in the early years requires a community. We hope to be a part of yours.



I brought my daughters (1 and 3) to the barn opening and it was AMAZING. they have different rooms for different things! (A room for eating with high chairs where they had some snacks and encouraged food play, a music room, and younger kids (great for babies!) play room, and even a quiet room which had a rocking chair (PERFECT for breast feeding!) my older daughter has ASD and the staff was so helpful making sure everything wasn’t too overstimulating. they were also very understanding and patient. It’s normally very stressful going out with my girls by myself but we felt so welcomed and my girls had more fun then they have in a long time. I couldn’t recommend the barn enough!

Kayla Dykstra

The barn by unlimited pediatrics is a fun, educational, and community driven center that’s is truly going to change so many families lives! The classes, the rooms, the staff, and the joy this place brings is truly heart warming! They have a feeding room, quiet room, art room, and many more. My girls had so much fun and can’t wait to go back

Rachael Chheoung

Such a cool place for kids and especially wonderful for families like ours with kids who need a little help and encouragement to reach their unlimited potential. We are thankful for the many caring staff members who are truly invested in the happiness and well-being of our son and are always there for us when we have a question or need advice. We can’t wait to come back again and again!

John wiley

The space for littles that St. Pete has been desperately needing/wanting for a long time! Thoughtfully and lovingly designed with kids of all ability levels in mind, and an amazing space for children to learn, grow + thrive. Though it’s new to town, there is already a sense of community developing and it’s just as enriching for the parents as it is for kiddos. Rachael has seen a need, filled it exceptionally well, and we cannot wait to watch our daughter blossom as a result of classes at The Barn. Bonus: a great place to hide out from the Florida heat. Cannot recommend stopping by enough!

Cassidy Caspen

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    Classes are designed for developmental age levels under 5 years old with a focus on milestones in all areas of development

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