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Classes, Play, & Parties
for Infants & Toddlers

With a heavy heart, we must announce the closure of The Barn. Classes will continue through May 31st. Come join us for some fun before we bid farewell.

Benefits of The Barn

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Expert Guidance

Our play classes and programs are taught by experienced child development professionals using evidence-based research on how children learn and grow through each stage of childhood.

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Family Bonding

Our ‘mommy and me’ style classes not only provide opportunities for you to bond with your child, but also create a nurturing environment where parents form meaningful friendships, and children discover lasting playmates.

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Confidence & Skill Building

Our toddler and infant classes are designed to foster emotional growth and social development. We help them develop confidence in their abilities, building a strong foundation for preschool and beyond.

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Community & Support

We’re more than just a play place; we’re part of your village, where lifelong connections are formed, educational support is accessible and trusted, and families are celebrated.

“Mommy and Me” Style Classes
and Parenting Workshops

Our community play and education space is a fun, safe place where your little ones can play, connect and grow. Supported by our child development experts, we help children flourish and parents find the support they need to thrive through our toddler and infant classes and parenting workshops.

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Host Kids Birthday Parties & Events at The Barn

Looking to celebrate your little one’s big day in a special way? Host a birthday or event at The Barn, where we’ll transform their day into a memorable celebration filled with laughter, surprises, and activities. We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on creating cherished moments with your child.

Explore Our Range of Toddler
and Infant Classes

Experience a world of learning and fun with our carefully designed programs, where experienced experts guide you and your child through each stage of growth and development.


We offer interactive feeding experiences for introducing solids and addressing toddler picky eating, featuring diverse, nutritious foods. Our approach also encourages creativity through sensory play and exploration of various mediums, fostering essential childhood skills in a delightful, messy environment.


We help children develop strong communication skills in a fun and engaging way, beginning with nurturing early communication abilities in infants, all the way up to supporting children with the advanced vocabulary tools they need to express themselves effectively.


Explore the world of rhythm and movement! Our engaging and interactive classes encourage children to dance, develop motor skills, and explore the joy of music while nurturing creativity and self-expression. 


Bond with your child while getting your sweat on. Our expert instructor guides you through workouts where you’ll learn creative exercises and movements that involve your baby, turning your workout into a delightful playdate.

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Our open play classes stimulate the senses and encourage movement, creativity, and social interaction. You can choose to learn and grow alongside your little explorer, or enjoy some well-deserved ‘you’ time at our Coffee Barn with fellow parents.

Voices From Our Village

Your Partner in Parenthood

Parenting is hard. There’s no instruction manual, just occasional visits to a pediatrician and a lot of ‘so-called experts’ on the internet arguing about what’s “best.” We see you, we hear you, and we’ve created the supportive village you’ve been longing for.

We’re more than just a child play space, here you’ll discover your tribe – a community of parents and child development experts who share your journey, your concerns, and your joys. We’re here to offer a nurturing and educational environment where you and your little one can play, connect, and grow alongside one another.