St. Pete Cowork Space With Childcare

The perfect blend of productivity and parenting.
It’s coworking with a family twist!

The Cowork Solution for Parents and Guardians

Productivity for you, enriching play for your child, all in one flexible solution.

Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Kids

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We’re on a mission to support parents through this crazy journey we call parenthood with the power of community, education, and fun!

Parenting today, juggling work and family, is no easy feat. The constant balancing act, the feeling of being stretched thin, the guilt that creeps up when you think about using screen time as a babysitter when you need to get work done…  It’s a challenge, and you’re doing an amazing job. 

We understand the complexities of your world, and that’s why our coworking space is here for you. Imagine a place where you can work productively while knowing your child is not just cared for but thriving in a supervised, enriching environment. It’s more than just a solution; it’s a support system designed with your unique needs in mind.

Your Space for Productivity, Theirs for Adventure

Let our cowork space be the sanctuary where you find the balance you’ve been seeking, where you can excel at work and cherish those precious family moments without compromise. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. Welcome to a space that understands the challenges and stands as a solution crafted just for you. Sign up below!

The Barn Co-Play Package

Limited Time Introductory Pricing: Monthly Memberships

Parents must remain on The Barn premises while their children are in the Co-Play program. Parents will be working in the Feeding Barn and the Coffee Barn. Parents are responsible for providing and changing diapers for their children. 

Memberships are per child. We offer 15% off your second child’s membership. If you have more than two children, please contact us for special pricing.

Please register online in advance to secure your spot, as spaces are limited. Bookings honored on a first come, first served basis. Be the first to know about availability by joining our waitlist.

Package Includes:

The Feeding Barn

The Coffee Barn

Voices From Our Village

Empowering Parents, Enriching Childhoods

We believe Co-Play at The Barn is more than just a program; it’s a community where parents can work productively, knowing their children are just a few steps away, engaged in meaningful activities.